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KIDSAFE ID™ - About the Program

For selected children websites and non-profit organizations, KIDSAFE IDĒ offers the Syndicated Web Affiliate Program. This is an opportunity to have the printable ID service directly from YOUR website. Every ID that is printed will have your organization name as the main sponsor of the program. All development work will be done on the KIDSAFE ID™ server and be connected though a link on your website. We retain your exact design so that users will never feel as though they have left your site at any time!
  How You Benefit from the Program

Promote Child Safety - As recommended by children safety organizations, having an photo ID available is important in the event that the child is lost or missing. This is an opportunity to provide your users with a free ID resource that can help better protect children.

Added Exposure - Every child ID that is printed from your website will have your organization name and contact information as a sponsor. This personalized resource is distributed to every caregiver, such as parents, babysitters, and family members, providing further image enhancing exposure for your organization.
Increase Site Traffic and Enhance User loyalty - Having a free service on your website will draw more users that will logon frequently to your site to print more IDs. There is no limit in the amount of IDs that can be printed.
Enhance Your Image - Supporting an effort that helps keep children safe is a priceless benefit. We acknowledge all program participants on our website.

This program is provided at no cost to qualifying participants and can be customized easily for added requirements. Send in your application now!

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